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First things first - A Welcome and an introduction!

Welcome to our new blog, for what at the end of the day is a totally new venture for us. Formally, a much planned and excitedly envisioned farm shop - stocking and promoting the multitude of artisan food and craft products from around Devon; our Devon Delicious range was a huge hit with the tourists and for Christmas hampers. Sadly, we were badly affected by the redirection of the holiday traffic away from our road - sat navs said it was 1 min slower and no longer even suggested our road. Heartbroken, we wondered what we could do next. Then, almost overnight it seamed, we found ourselves staring down the barrel of a dire future of complete closure with the arrival of the Covid 19 crisis - in those first early days we were just deeply concerned to help people, from this a "ring and collect" service evolved and we woke up one day to realise that we had a totally new business that we had no experience or even any real vision to operate and it dawned on us that the lock down would eventually come to an end...and then what?

We have a vision! We want to create a new option to do your weekly shop. A click and collect service where the old fashioned aspects of service and personal interaction are married together with the convenience of modern technology. It might sound like only a small step removed from what is currently available with all of the main shopping empires, but we think that what is missing from many of our lives is a sense of community and connection with each other. We want to use IT and modern day advances to go retro! Exactly how this will be set out - who can say... but our intention is to create a service where each customer is offered, the now out of fashion, personal service and those little extras of service that have been deleted from the options offered by the big corporations.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been with us since week one - which for us was within 72 hrs of the lock down - you have been so generous and patient with us as we stumbled our way through getting our new services set up. During the last few months we have had the pleasure to chat and take the time to get to know some of you - from the feed back we have received, some of you have found the new experience enjoyable, compared to previous shopping options (despite all of the fears and concerns the crisis brought). We hope that you will stay with us and engage and talk with us to help us set up the shopping experience that you would like to use. I am sure there will be a few more bumps and errors along the way and I ask for your continued forgiveness and patience as we work through these. We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us keep and continue to use our services, because we value knowing you all and without your support we could not continue.

We have lots of news and ideas about the services we would like to include in the future, far too many to introduce in this first blog. We will be introducing new products and a meet the producer slot. There will be ideas, recipes and special offers as well as new options and services for those with special diets, so watch this space and consider subscribing to get any updates as we add them.

Take care and hope to see you soon

The cider maids (Aka Alison & Alice)


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